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You deserve to have it all. 

You know what I’m talking about: 

1. that uber successful job,
2. luscious home life and
3. kids who don’t make you want to donate them to charity.

I’m here to help you be awesome and live lusciously, 
just as you deserve.

Hello, I’m Toni-Maree

Accredited Parenting Mentor, Holistic Intuitive Life Coach and

P.E.T. Trainer specialising in Women’s and Families Health and Wellbeing.

Each day seems to become just a bit more of an effort and that’s dragging you down. Your negative Nelly inner critic has way too much power over what you decide to do with your life.

The whole world sees you as a fabulous, determined, strong woman who is passionate, dedicated, clever and in control. But inside you feel uncertain, overwhelmed and just a bit lost. The thought of doing just one more “something” makes you want to give up. You love your life, but it just doesn’t seem as fulfilling and enjoyable anymore.

For some reason you are just finding it difficult to cope with things that you once easily managed and it’s all just getting a bit too much. I understand the desire to make your life count; to make a difference and to be recognised for your unique qualities. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to ignore your inner FEAR critic for long enough to make any kind of change. In fact YOU often get’s ignored amongst the myriad of other people, responsibilities, things that take priority in your life. Often your dreams, passions, desires and life get left to last on the never-ending TODO list.

I know what if feels like when a big chunk of you wants to not bother and to keep going with your current “normal” life; whatever that means in today’s world. I get that you just don’t feel that you have what it takes to give yourself permission to truly, uniquely, honestly and magnificently live life for YOU. It feels selfish.

It feels selfish and besides you don’t have enough money, time, energy or control to make a start. I get that it’s hard to remember that you have everything you need and the strength to get through this. I realise how hard it is to contemplate; let alone ask for support or help right now.

You don’t have to do this alone. I know you feel exhausted. I know you feel like you are stuck. I know you wonder that sometimes you have taken on too much and that you don’t deserve to enjoy your life. I know it feels scary and that trusting yourself is the last thing you feel you can do. But that’s where I come in.


You don’t need to be afraid of asking for my help. I’ve been where you are and crawled out of that “swamp of doubt, fear and overwhelm” that life smacked me into. I know how to help you breathe and handle everything again, because I got out of it as well.

Not only did I get out of it; but I learnt how to get out of my own way so that I could truly learn to live and thrive without all of the doubt and uncertainty. I no longer just exist; I live. I also get to work in my own successful, awesome business; earning money and having an absolute blast every single day. I still have a family and other responsibilities but I’ve learnt to make ME a priority too.

I specialise in guiding those who want to break free, find their passion, feel alive, empower their lives to help them achieve the same amazing results I did; to redefine, create and build the sustaining life they desire and deserve. Isn’t it time you gave yourself permission to be happy?


I have been where you are and I know exactly what you need to get YOU going again.

Let me show you how.

I am passionate about helping women move forward from challenges, helping them create powerful, sustainable and profitable lives; reconnect to their families, friends whilst building the sense of community we are rapidly losing in our modern, technologically driven society. I founded 2BAwesome to resolve these issues.

  • I specialise in removing FEAR, STUCKedness and UNCERTAINTY from people’s lives by enabling YOU to more easily understand your mind, body, heart and soul so that you are able to whole heartedly and passionately live your life.
  • I have the strategies, solutions and tools people need to move forward into the hopeful, thriving, beautiful life they have been dreaming about.
  • I am focused on re-building supportive heart-centred communities that have gotten lost in our modern society.

You don’t have to do any of this alone, I am here to inform, encourage, kick butt, guide and support you through it all so as to give you the ability TO BE AWESOME again!