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Life is meant to be happy.  It should be fun and enriched with things that make us joyful and fulfilled.

Unfortunately, life isn’t always plain sailing.  There are times when the crap takes control of our joy and overwhelms us with stress, sadness and anxiety.  It can show up as feeling under-appreciated at work, relationship issues, a sense of foreboding or lack of control.

This is where Toni-Maree can help – she loves to conquer the crap and give you the joy back.  With her nurturing, kind and calming approach, Toni-Maree provides unique strategies and tools that enable you to focus on being relaxed and happy again.

If you live in Canberra, meet with Toni-Maree personally or if you are interstate you can meet with her online or over the phone.

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We all experience anxiety in one form or another, but when you start feeling weighed down, limited or hijacked by that anxiety it can become a problem in everyday life. Toni-Maree will help you or your child to move past this anxiety and toward better health and wellbeing.
If you or someone you know is experiencing mood swings, irritability, difficulty sleeping or concentrating or loss of motivation in life, please contact us today. You will receive care and support from your personal qualified life coach, Toni-Maree, who has had over 15 years’ experience in this industry.


Life will always consist of high’s and low’s but when stress and uncertainty take over it can be hard to manage day-to-day activities. Toni-Maree is a qualified life coach and will help you re-establish balance when you are feeling unsure or worried about experiences in life. She will keep you on track in achieving your goals and help you establish a plan for happiness and success you can stick too and will keep you accountable along the way.

Couple Counselling


Relationships define who we are and provide a sense of well-being as they bring love, mutual respect and shared experiences to our lives.  Whether they are family ties, friendships, marriages and partnerships or links through business, positive relationships help us create the lives we desire.

Toni-Maree supports you through relationship issues and enables you to develop stronger bonds.  The Gottman Method is used to bring mutual understanding, love and respect to the forefront of any relationship.

Relaxation Program

Want to try relaxation at home but don’t know where to start?

Toni-Maree’s 5-Day Relaxation Audio Program guides you through 5 daily meditations to do in your own home and at your own pace.

These practical meditations utilise breathe, the mind-connection and guided imagery to support you in creating a more calm, less stressful life.


Toni-Maree runs regular group sessions to provide practical advice to everyday hurdles. Whether this be managing an anxious child or overcoming your own anxiety, Toni-Maree gives clear, detailed and evidence based advise to overcome stressors in life.


I founded my business to help people understand anxiety and implement tools to emotionally reconnect with their lives. I am passionate about making life calmer, happier and less stressful by giving you tools to increase communication with those around you and manage situations that might be holding you back.

As an accredited counsellor and life coach I have worked with many individuals and couples in Australia and overseas to implement techniques to more easily manage life’s up’s and down’s, to re-connect and find a broader perspective. Unlike other therapists, I work alongside medical practitioners such as GP’s and Psychologists to give you a holistic approach to your mental health journey. I offer you non-judgemental support whatever your life’s path, to get you to where you want to be.

I have experienced the pain of depression and lived through many years of anxiety and fear to get where I am now. I understand exactly what it’s like to suffer anxiety and depression. This is why I am so passionate and driven to help others going through what I have experienced, so they can come out the other side happier, calmer and healthier.

We all experience tough times in life and that’s what makes us all human. If you have been experiencing anxiety or depression, or you have a child going through it, please get in touch so we can work it out together. We will work together to bring clarity and get you back to living a life you love.

What People Are Saying

“I’ve been communicating with Toni-Maree via posts and one-on-one time. Toni Maree has the fabulous intuitive ability to tap in and connect PLUS untangled my turmoil in a holistic and beautiful manner. I will be back for more one-on-one time. Do not hesitate. This lady is spot on and you’ll connect on the same wavelength. In gratitude.”

Allison Roe – Solopreneur

“Toni-Maree helped to give me clarity during a time where I was feeling lost and was seeking answers. Her gentle approach, warmth and kindness helped me to feel at ease as she worked and gave me insight into areas of my life I was struggling with. Her intuition and knowledge is second to none and I was so impressed with her accuracy and professionalism.”

Catharine Jean Ross – owner at Break Free with EFT.

“I first came across Toni-Maree by accident.  I was feeling very low and I found her in a magazine.  I thought, well I could give her a ring. I rang and she answered immediately but was somewhat stunned.  Her phone had been broken for the best part of a week and she had just that moment put her sim card in her daughter’s phone to see if she had any messages – and there I was. Since then, Toni-Maree has been a major player in my life.  Her intuition and coaching skills have helped me mover from a place of darkness to retiring with the courage to enjoy my life as it should be, not as others want it to be. Since I made this decision to work with Toni-Maree, the world had opened up for me.”

Penny Cilento

“Toni-Maree is a very professional and personable holistic life coach who’s had a positive and extremely productive influence on a family member. She has helped her to retrain her objectives and focus and I would absolutely recommend Toni-Maree as a life coach and mentor.”

Hil JB

“Working with Toni-Maree as a life coach has helped me to pinpoint the underlying reasons for my stress and frustrations. My sessions have opened my eyes to my potential as a person, and made me remember who I really am and what I really stand for. Toni-Maree has helped me to understand why I do the things I do and react in the ways that I do, and to change the beliefs that guide my actions. As a result, my stress levels are down, my confidence is up and I am able to focus more on the positives in my life. This change has not only affected me for the better, but my husband and children have also benefited from a happier more calm wife and mother.”

Haley Websdane

“I’ve been seeing Toni-maree for about 5 weeks now. She has helped me really change my life for the better, from the first day I met T-M she made me feel very relaxed & comfortable in her home. Shes firm & honest without being over bearing or intimidating. I look forward to our sessions together and would encourage everyone to meet her.”

Tenille V.

Before I met Toni-Maree my Anxiety controlled every aspect of my life. Through constant sessions where I was made to feel comfortable and heard I made the change that was needed. My whole mindset has changed and it has influenced so many new and positive things within my life including my relationships with other people! I never thought I could feel better through counselling… now I know how much more life has to offer and it’s all thanks to this special lady!” 

Amy McCloskey

“Toni-Maree listened to what was going on in my life, from my relationship breakdown to my employment issues. I told her exactly what I wanted to achieve and we went from there. Toni-Maree will call BullSh*t if she feels it’s not what you need at the time, or you start reverting to old thought patterns.  As a result of therapy with Toni-Maree, I have additional tools (like NLP techniques) to pull out whenever I feel like everything’s getting on top of me again. I highly recommend Toni-Maree to anyone needing support as I felt heard and understood, as she helped me to get my marriage, career and life back on track.” 

Cameron M.

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Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety to Social Success

What is Social Anxiety?

It’s a phobia or fear of social situations. Sometimes people are worried they’ll be judged or criticised and humiliated in front of others. It’s more than being shy. It can happen when eating out, meeting people and feeling like you’re being constantly watched. It can occur in childhood or adulthood and seemingly appear out of nowhere, especially in times of undue stress.

The fear takes over, rational ideas and thoughts go out the window, and people tend to avoid social gatherings and situations that make them feel this way.

Down With Fear

I learnt this week about overcoming fear yet again. Here’s a brief note on how I kicked that sucker to the curb:

I very nearly missed out on my radio interview with Lynetta Renda from MOtivateMe because I let old fears crop in and take over.

Yes, I had a good excuse, my mum had terminal cancer. In fact, that was bringing everything I ever hid down deep, up and out. But I used every reason except that one because I knew I was self-protecting and deep down that this FEAR wasn’t real.


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