About Toni-Maree

Do you want a counsellor or coach who:

Is easy to get along with, and you can quickly form a trusting relationship with?

Makes you feel calmer and more in control?

Empowers you to understand your inner self so that you can create a calmer and happier life?

Can give you an appointment within the week, in person or online?

Is determined to remain at the forefront of credibility and integrity in her chosen industry?

Hi, I’m Toni-Maree. A Canberra-based counsellor and life coach whose specialties are relationships and anxiety.

By providing people with strategies that work, I enable people to overcome anxiety, rebuild self-confidence and restore their relationships and daily happiness. As a certified professional, I’ve been helping people in the Canberra region for over ten years, and more recently those elsewhere via phone and online.

As an anxiety specialist, I love nothing more than to make people feel relaxed and back in control of life. When you feel on top of the world, this flows onto others around you, creating a happier environment for everyone. 

Why am I the counsellor for you?

  • I’m a sucker for a good scientific paper and specialise in translating the latest scientific research into practical, easy-to-understand tools for anyone to use. If you are looking for coping strategies, I can provide the keys to unlocking any shackles that might be holding you back from living the life you desire.
  • My clients are reassured by my dedication to delivering unique patient solutions. I’m down-to-earth and know that success in life is often supported by those who love us most. 
  • As a mother, animal lover and wife of 30 years, I understand the importance of self-growth within strong, loving, steady, and reliable relationships. They are the foundations that allow us the freedom to move forward with our lives in confidence. 
  • Unlike other therapists, I work alongside medical practitioners such as GPs and psychologists to give you a holistic approach to your mental health journey. I offer you non-judgmental support, whatever your life’s path, to get you where you want to be. 
  • I have experienced the pain of depression and lived through many years of anxiety and fear to get where I am now. I understand exactly what it’s like to suffer anxiety and depression and have probably felt similar feelings to those that have brought you here today. Therefore I am so passionate and driven to help others going through what I have experienced so they can come out the other side happier, calmer and healthier.

We all experience tough times in life, which makes us all human. If you have been experiencing anxiety or depression, are having relationship issues or have a family member going through it, please get in touch. We will work together to bring clarity and get you back to living a life you love. 

“Before I met Toni-Maree my Anxiety controlled every aspect of my life. Through constant sessions where I was made to feel comfortable and heard I made the change that was needed. My whole mindset has changed and it has influenced so many new and positive things within my life including my relationships with other people! I never thought I could feel better through counselling… now I know how much more life has to offer and it’s all thanks to this special lady!” 

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My Mission

I want to help you thrive in all aspects of life, meaning that I want you to have at your fingertips strategies and techniques that are guaranteed to make life simpler, calmer and clearer. With clarity and greater self-awareness comes the ability to trust in yourself. This enables you to make constructive changes that lead to a satisfying, joyful and meaningful life. 

Here’s what I aim to do for you.

  • Remove stress around whatever difficulty you are facing
  • Provide self-awareness and understanding of why problems arose in your life
  • Support you to understand yourself more fully
  • Assist you in developing unique solutions tailored specifically to your lifestyle
  • Enable you to create habits and thinking patterns that will assist you in building the life you deserve
Q & A

How many years of counselling and coaching experience do you have?

Ten years.

Why did you choose to be a counsellor and life coach?

Since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to help people and make them smile. People have been drawn to me and always seem to tell me things they never thought they would. I love being able to make a positive difference in people’s lives. 

What are your three biggest strengths?

Resilience – I can get back up again, even when the knockdown seems insurmountable.

Heart-Centred – a kind, strong woman with heart.

Curious – constantly learning and wanting to know how things work.

What are your three most significant weaknesses?

Boats – I can’t get on them as I get horribly seasick, even sitting at the dock.

Beach – I can’t resist walking on them with my family and dogs.

Animals – I currently own nine feathered and furry pets. My favourite is my dog Ripley who survived a hit and run at nine months old. She’s now five and will sit on clients’ laps whenever they let her.

What is the most satisfying and fulfilling part of the work you do?

Meeting interesting humans and helping them live calmer, with more joy and fulfilment. This makes me feel like I’m being true to myself and allows me to make a difference in the world.



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