I wrote the following in February 2016 and never published because it was too personal for me.  On the surface, it seems like a pretty straight forward blog but with my mum dying I was full of fear and afraid of everything.  Doctors, work, family,  being orphaned and a stiff breeze.  You name it; I was living in fear of it.

Mum passed in September of the same year, and one thing I learnt through the entire nightmare was that there is always a way through despair to the light on the other side.  We just need to continue to look for it.

In hindsight, writing the following was a way of comforting myself and coping with one of the toughest, most out of control times of my life.  Losing mum still feels overwhelmingly sad at times, but the memories of her laugh and caring nature are slowly winning the war on grief.


I learnt this week about overcoming FEAR yet again. Here’s a brief note on how I kicked that sucker to the curb:

I very nearly missed out on my radio interview with Lynetta Renda from MOtivateMe because I let old fears crop in and take over. Yes, I had a good excuse, my mum had terminal cancer. In fact, that was bringing everything I ever hid down deep, up and out. But I used every reason except that one because I knew I was self-protecting and deep down that this FEAR wasn’t real.

I let fear rule by procrastinating and hiding by postponing Lynette twice. Did I mention she’s #frigginawesome?

So how did I kick fear to the curb? I had a chat to it and told it to bugger off after acknowledging it was trying to keep me safe. Then I took action steps to prep for my interview and had an absolute ball … which I knew all along I would.

I chose NOT to let fear rule my life and make me miss out on a beautiful experience. I also spoke to Lynette about it because she’d already worked out what was going on. Admitting you’re fearful takes away its power.

So that’s another tip. Name and shame that trickster. Once it becomes the butt of a conversation or joke, it loses all of its power to control anything you do.

So that’s my long-winded tip on FEAR. I’d love to know if this helped you or if you disagree; shoot me your comments, thoughts and suggestions below.

Down with fear!

P.S. Stay awesome.